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Save The World With Art™

'Impending Doom' 24x36" Acrylic paint, Gel pen, Clear Elmer's Glue on black canvas.

'Impending Doom' 24x36" Acrylic paint, Gel pen, Clear Elmer's Glue on black canvas.

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Presenting 'Impending Doom', a powerfully evocative multimedia painting by Jams2blues. This 24x36" artwork offers a chilling glimpse into Earth's inevitable future, approximately 5 billion years from now. Painted on black canvas, it uses a unique blend of acrylic paint, gel pens, and clear Elmer's Glue, applied innovatively with a sponge attached to a power drill.

The artwork captures the moment when the Andromeda galaxy collides with the Milky Way, and our sun transforms into a Red Giant, scorching everything on Earth and boiling our oceans away. Although the scenario is daunting, it serves as a stark reminder of the urgency to act and shape a sustainable future.

'Impending Doom' is not just an artwork; it's a call to action. It nudges us to shift our focus from materialistic pursuits to conserving our planet, reminding us that we have a head start and it's high time we act.

When you purchase 'Impending Doom', you contribute to the cause it represents. A portion of the proceeds will go to our planet sustainability and tree planting initiative through our work with the climate friendly organization Ecologi.

The painting can be delivered as a raw canvas or, upon request, can be matted and framed professionally. For any personal preference or customization requests, please reach out to us at

Experience the stirring blend of art and activism in 'Impending Doom', and join Jams2blues Creations in our mission to Save The World With Art™.


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