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'Order and Chaos' 11x14" signed original mixed sharpie and acrylic paint on mixed media paper

'Order and Chaos' 11x14" signed original mixed sharpie and acrylic paint on mixed media paper

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Introducing 'Order and Chaos', a remarkable piece by the virtuoso artist, Jams2blues. This 11x14" hand-drawn asymmetrical counterchange tessellation blurs the lines between order and chaos, geometry and abstraction, reality and illusion. Starting from tiny circles growing larger from the top left, each meticulous sharpie mark forms a complex counterchange pattern that dances on the edge of order and chaos. Each circle becomes a world unto itself, each intersection a testament to the beauty of complexity.

The artwork explodes with vibrant hues of aqua, magenta, and cadmium orange, contrasted sharply with stark white acrylic paint. Swirls within each bubble enhance the optical illusion, creating a visual symphony that beckons the viewer to lose themselves in the intricate details.

'Order and Chaos' is not just a piece of art. It's a testament to the beauty found in complexity, the harmony that can exist amidst chaos, and the mesmerizing patterns that emerge when we dare to see the world differently.

When you purchase 'Order and Chaos', you'll receive the artwork matted in black, with a sleek black frame and museum-grade glass, ensuring it's ready for display upon arrival. For any personal preference or customization requests, feel free to reach out to us at

Experience the magic of 'Order and Chaos' and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with Jams2blues Creations.


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