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Psychosis - A Journey Through Healing: Mixed Media on Foam Board, 20x30 inches

Psychosis - A Journey Through Healing: Mixed Media on Foam Board, 20x30 inches

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Unveiling 'Psychosis', a deeply personal 20x30" mixed media artwork by Jams2blues. Born during a pivotal period of healing following a brain injury, 'Psychosis' serves as a vivid testament to the transformative power of art therapy and the resilience of the human spirit.

The artwork is a visual exploration of the hallucinations experienced by Jams2blues during a challenging time in his life. Using vibrant sharpies and subtle white watercolor on foam board, Jams2blues has created a compelling landscape of his mind. Hand-drawn fractals blend seamlessly with a mesmerizing palette that spans the entire rainbow spectrum, creating a sense of both chaos and harmony.

The colors transition beautifully, creating a mood-enhancing display filled with high saturation and carefully placed areas of contrast. A pyramid-like structure stands as a focal point amidst soft white clouds, painted with watercolor to suggest movement across the surface.

One of the unique aspects of 'Psychosis' is the intentional wrinkling near the corners of the foam board. This element symbolizes a mind striving for healing and adds a layer of raw authenticity to the artwork. The piece is signed 'JML', bearing the artist's initials from before he adopted the name Jams2blues.

By purchasing 'Psychosis', you contribute to a greater cause. A portion of the proceeds will support our planet sustainability and tree planting initiatives through our partnership with the climate-friendly organization Ecologi.

'Psychosis' is available either as a raw canvas or, upon request, can be matted and framed professionally. For any personal preference or customization requests, please reach out to us at

Experience the striking blend of color, emotion, and personal journey in 'Psychosis', and join Jams2blues Creations in our mission to Save The World With Art™.


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