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Quantum Rainbow Chrysalis, 11"x14" Signed Original Gel pen artwork on multimedia paper

Quantum Rainbow Chrysalis, 11"x14" Signed Original Gel pen artwork on multimedia paper

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Introducing 'Quantum Rainbow Chrysalis', a unique creation born from the collaborative brilliance of artists Jams2blues and Anna Lee. This handcrafted masterpiece is a testament to over 40 hours of meticulous ballpoint pen work, flowing directly from the minds of the artists without premeditation. The artwork unfolds as an ethereal image where evolution and creation converge, exploring the eternally discussed depths of existence.

Featuring an exquisite array of intricate counterchanging tessellation fractals, 'Quantum Rainbow Chrysalis' takes you on a visual journey through an octopus's enigmatic form, a blossoming field of flowers, the visceral insides of life itself, and the symbolic power of the cross. These elements fuse together to form a surreal and psychedelic landscape, a narrative of life, time, and evolution.

Anna Lee's masterful touch brings the artwork to life with a symphony of fluorescent gel pen colors. The artwork transitions seamlessly between warm and cool hues, creating an optical playground that shimmers with multiple dimensions of both value and color.

This 11x14" artwork stands as a testament to artistic collaboration, shared vision, and the boundless potential of subconscious creativity. 'Quantum Rainbow Chrysalis' is more than a piece of art; it's a conversation starter, a statement piece, and a portal into a multiverse of ideas, narratives, and stories.

A must-have addition to any fine art collector's portfolio, 'Quantum Rainbow Chrysalis' is now available for purchase at $500. Own a piece of this exquisite collaboration and immerse yourself in the vibrant and surreal world of Jams2blues Creations.

This artwork will be shipped matted black and framed black, behind museum grade glass, unless you email us at and request otherwise.


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